Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoot Report

   Today (yesterday as it's 2am) I had the pleasure of working once again with Candi.  We worked her pretty hard, I suspect she'll be sore tomorrow, but I hope not :)  .  

   Mid week I decided that I wanted to work in silhouette.  I not really sure why.  Candi has a few tattoos and just got another one so that might be why, but I don't actually think so.

   I wanted to have the light wrap far around the body and have the model basically in contact with the light source.  So once again I looked to my trusty, very veteran, piece of white lycra.  I have long thought of getting a far bigger piece and using it instead of seamless background paper.  (Anyone who knows where I can get a 10' wide 30' tall piece of Lycra, please tell me)

Here's the setup :

   The Lycra isn't quite diffusing enough to hide the bulbs directly behind it, so I eventually settled on this double diffuser arrangement.  The lower light is pointed up into the surface of the handy panel and the 16" dish is shinning through it.  The result is very smooth, with a smooth hotspot in the center.  Between the two I have about 500w/s in back.
   Plans never survive contact with the enemy (actual implementation in this case) so I added the 22" BD above and a strip light close to the left, and setup the flash computer to cycle between the three options.  The silhouette option didn't need any fill, the other lights were not used supplementary.  
   Due to the setup I had Candi up very high.  I spent most of the shoot standing very tall to get the shot.  Candi isn't as short as she looks.  lol..  

Here's examples of the resulting three light options:

  Candi had the energy to work later then planned so after the strobe lit shoot we worked with light painting.  Recently I attended a gallery opening for Gary Welton with Brooke and was inspired to re-explore the roots of my color theory.  Last year and the year before I spent a lot of time exploring widely saturated colors.  Although I loved the results, I was ready to explore something more complimentary.  Tonight was the first LP I've done since I spent some time playing with crayons.  I'm very happy with the feel of it, both in it's captured color space and color corrected to the white point of the main light.

Here's a color sample of both color spaces:

  All together it was a fantastic shoot.  Candi worked hard tonight, and so did I.  Especially since I got banged really hard on the head, Saturday, by a falling 6" diameter 10 ' long piece of  PVC pipe while changing the spool of black seamless (which I didn't use after all).  Everything seems ok..  but now when I think of Yugoslavia I hear the declaration of independence as spoken by quartet of singing toasters.  Hope it's not permeant, I think of Yugoslavia a lot.

I'll post something finished from tonight on deviantArt in a few days, if I get nagged properly.

So this is my actual blog post..  not sure if this is the kind of thing I'll put in here.. time will tell.


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